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My Daughter’s Best Friend is a Puppy Angel


eliOur song dedicated to Eli's Life/ Wild Child by Brett Dennan

He is a furry friend named Eli. Our dog Eli was my best friend first. He was my little sidekick for the last 9 years of pure amazingness. When I started dating my husband Ryan, Eli and him instantly connected. Ryan realized very quickly that with me, came Eli, and there was no other way around that. Eli was my first-born and a huge part of my life. After 4 or so years of dating, Ry and I married and I was beginning to realize that Eli wasn’t just my dog anymore. He had grown a special bond with Ryan. They became so close that I would question if Ry and I found each other here on earth because we were soul mates or if it was him and Eli that were the soul mates that brought us all together. Whatever it was, I am so happy that we all found each other on this journey and that we became a family. Shortly after Ry and I married, we found out we were being blessed with a new addition to our family, our daughter, Madison Aliyah. With her arrival, Eli was ecstatic. He would watch over her bedside bassinet while she slept and would be the first to wake when she cried in the middle of the night. As she grew older they began to truly bond. My heart felt so full of love seeing my daughter grow up with little Eli and seeing the connection between the 2 of them brought to me happiness in its purest form. My words cannot express the cuteness overload I experienced every day as their mother. On January 5th, I posted a quote from Buddha to Instagram that really spoke to me for some reason. It read, "Every experience no matter how bad it seems holds within it a blessing of some kind, the goal is to find it”. Little did I know that in 9 days, I was going to be confronted with living up to this quote. Little did I know that these pure and blissful moments that I had been experiencing with little Eli who had became such a huge part in Maddie’s life were about to be swept away and that I would only be left with amazing memories and a thousand pictures. And sure enough, this is what happened and this is life. We lost our dog Eli to a coyote on 1/14/16 within a matter of minutes. We were all enjoying each other as a family, laughing and playing one minute and the next minute he was gone. When I realized that he wasn’t coming home, my whole world felt like it had turned upside down. This is when I stop and think about life. Why do these things happen? I also stopped to think about the quote that spoke to me 9 days previous. How am I supposed to find the good in any of this? How? Remaining in tune and staying connected to my faith in God and to the universe in which all these situations reside, I began to find answers.
  • I found that Eli is our puppy angel now. Even though he went everywhere with us that we could take him, he now can go to the places that he wasn’t allowed. He will now be able to be the UFC Champion of the showers, trash-men and mailmen. And because of his newfound toughness that Doggie heaven has granted him, he will be Maddie’s ultimate protector.
  • I found that my awareness of the coyotes in the area are now heightened and as a mother, I need to be more protective of Maddie when out exploring the nature trails back bay.
  • And ultimately, I found that a love this strong would never be able to be replaced but that I am able to find that love in other living things and experiences.
  As Maddie’s mother and guider, I loved the fact that she was growing up with an animal teaching her how to care take, be gentle and how to coexist with another little friend beside her. When Eli was taken from us so suddenly, we felt like our house was empty. Something was missing. Eli brought so much cheer to our house and just the right amount of chaos, which we like in our household. Things felt weird when the trash man or the mailman would come and there wasn’t a crazy attack bark. Or every time we went to turn on the shower, all we would hear is the water spitting from the faucet, not the usual one on one cage fight Eli would have with the water. And all of a sudden, Maddie was able to play at peace without Eli stealing her toys and vice versa, but we liked the chaotic play and we miss it every day. Clearly, something was missing.  When Eli was gone, there was a huge void in the house. And in my heart I knew this.

I was remaining open to more answers. I was listening to what the universe had to offer me. Thoughts began to cross my mind about getting another dog and I knew eventually I would but I said it would be when I felt it was the right dog with Eli's soul. It had to be our little puppy angel.

Sooner than expected, Ry, Maddie and I connected with a little yorkie in the window of the pet store that looked to me just like Eli when Eli was a baby. We pulled him out to play and he spoke to me as Eli did. We put him away thinking this was way to soon and said our goodbyes. The weekend passed and I could not get this dog out of my head. I kept thinking of how much he reminded me of Eli. I decided I would go back and see him once again. I did. When I went back, the lady working told me that someone had just bought his brother and that he was a little lonely. My heart sank for this adorable puppy. I took him out, played with him and took some pictures and videos to take home with me. I was falling in love with this dog that had the exact personality of Eli. I kept telling myself it's too soon to get a new puppy. My playtime was up and I gave him back and walked away. That night, I contemplated on what my heart wanted. I kept telling myself it was too early but my heart felt a connection with the puppy and a desire to have that sort of love present in our lives. I didn't sleep at all that night. I prayed at Eli's grave the next morning talking over with him my feelings and expressing to him how much I missed him and wanted him back. I prayed for a sign if this new dog was meant to be apart of our family. It was then I began getting signs. I knew in my mind I had to follow my heart. I did. Best decision ever. When you stay connected like that, things begin to happen. I didn’t waste another minute and Maddie and I went and picked up the puppy that seemed to be the rebirth of our little Eli. I was tripping out. I was happy to be reconnected with our puppy angel. Maddie’s best friend was back as Frotolito also known as Mr. Froto.  

.....My Puppy Angel Validation.....

  We all have heard about Synchronicity: “A sign that you are on the right track and aware of what is happening around you when answers to questions are revealed to you through signs and messages and when these things happen it is the universe making you aware that you are on the right path.” Well, When I took the puppy to the vet the next morning, I walked in with him in my arms and a lady behind me said, “How old is your yorkie”? Not knowing since he was so new to me, I responded with his birthday. I said, “his birthday was on 11-14”. She looked at me and said, “I have a baby yorkie down here” she pointed down to a box and continued, “his birthday is 11-14”. Come to find out, they were brothers. How amazing to come in touch with the lady who had Froto’s brother. Right away we were excited to exchange information. We found out that we do not live far from each other and decided how nice it would be to get the brothers together every once in awhile. We continued talking and I had told her that we got Froto as a heart-warming replacement for our yorkie that we just lost of 9 years. She looked at me and said, “We did the same! We just lost our yorkie we had for the last 11 years”. I proceeded to ask her how she lost her previous baby, immediately assuming it was from some sort of sickness or cause from old age. She said with a sad face, “A coyote got him”. I got the chills. I looked at her and shared that a coyote got Eli too. At that moment, all the answers and signs that I was getting from the previous week before getting Froto clicked. I realized that these two little brother puppies were truly angel puppies that were sent here to mend the pain of two owners that just lost their pets that meant so so much. She told me that her dog reminded her of her previous one and that is why she had to have him and I said the same. I walked away from the situation going, wow. I was just stunned. Froto wasn’t the only puppy angel that came back as a replacement. His brother was one too. How special. Now that is validation. It was confirmed to me at that moment that Froto was meant for our family and he was sent to us as our puppy angel. He is Maddie’s new best friend. She still calls him “Iya” which is how she pronounced Eli and she is also learning how to say Froto although it comes out as "Dodo". Looking back, I am so happy I asked for signs, listened, and followed my heart. I still miss Eli every single day but it is nice to see Maddie with her best friend again and that is ok with me if she wants to call him Eli. After all, he does EVERYTHING that Eli did. He is her furry friend named Frotolito. Her Puppy Angel and her Best Friend. We know it is Eli. Froto was Eli’s nickname. Cheers to Eli’s new life as Frotolito. maddie and eli IMG_4892 IMG_6634 IMG_6639maddie and froto   IMG_6940 FullSizeRendermad and frot FullSizeRender_1   buddah quote    

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