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We are Headed Somewhere and I am Just Another Year Younger


Birthdays have changed a bit since I have gotten older and became a wife and a mother but there is always one thing that remains the same. There is always something special when that day approaches. I always feel a little bounce in my step, like the sun rose a bit earlier and set a little bit later just for me. What has changed though, is the realization that the day is not just about me anymore but it is a day I like to share with my family. Without my birthday, my daughter wouldn’t have a birthday and so, in part, I celebrate her life on my birthday as well. In addition to that, without my birthday, I wouldn’t have been alive to marry my amazing husband, so in part, I celebrate the significance of our marriage on my birthday. As my family grows, I feel like we are apart of each other, growing closer together as each day passes and birthday celebrations should be a celebration for us all, not just whose birthday it is. In the past, before Madison was born, Ry and I loved coming to Sycamore Hot Springs in Avila Beach to celebrate. In December the air always seems to be the perfect kind of cold and the sun always seems to be shining. It also always seems like the perfect time to do a little Christmas shopping which there are plenty of cute independent boutiques in down town San Luis Obispo to get us in the Christmas spirit. Last year in December we came up here with Maddie for the first time. She was 3 months old and I was so excited to share the experience with her; Walk the labyrinth, take her on hikes that overlook the Pacific and to wineries to enjoy the views of the vineyards while I enjoy the taste of the wine. So when I was deciding what I wanted to do for my birthday this year (since this is the time of year I can usually get away with whatever I ask for), I decided that the best gift for me would be to spend time with my family and to continue what we have done in the past. So here we are, in the car driving up the 101. I realized that we have begun a tradition that we all love and that we can all celebrate together. Instead of writing every detail of our trip word through word, I decided to make a video to summarize our little journey. When I watch this video, I see that this is what life is about and these are life's specials gifts to me and this is why we celebrate! Here it is, We are Headed Somewhere and I am Just Another Year Younger. https://youtu.be/Wyse4rVjvws    

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