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The Sierras were calling, so we packed up our things and left!


I am reminiscing on our first family vacation that we took this year with Maddie back in July. We were headed to an address that was completely off the grid, did not have a street name nor number, and navigation was only turn by turn written instructions and pictures. Map quest had to take a back seat on this trip. Up the tiny windy road we drove, with the windows down. The crisp mountain air was flowing into the car, reggae tunes blasting from the radio, and the invigorating smell of the redwoods was a constant and pleasant reminder that we were somewhere far, far away from home. Cattle were making sounds on the side of the road, and an occasional deer would hop in front of our car to politely greet us as we continued on to our cabin, South of Yosemite and north of Bass Lake. It was my happy traveling tribe. My Husband, my Daughter Maddie (at the time, she was 10 months) and our furry friend Eli and me; stoked on life and stoked to be together. As we arrived to our rustic Shangri-La tucked back into the mountains, we were in awe. The Cabin was just gorgeous! A rustic A-Frame cabin powered by solar energy on a huge private lot, that was surrounded by absolute bliss. All you could see for miles were mountains, meadows, streams and rivers. It was just us and nature. It was perfect. We live for adventure, so our days consisted of hiking, exploring, fishing and swimming. We explored open roads to find natural swimming holes where Maddie and Eli could splash and play. We picnicked on the side of rivers and had playtime in the middle of meadows. We hiked together through thunderstorms and to the top of waterfalls. Meals by the campfire were one of our favorite pass times and we spent our nights laughing and dancing under the moonlight to the sound of Mason Jenning’s “California”, or to the sound of my husband playing the guitar. We had quiet moments of story time while we just enjoyed the view from our cabin and had moments of appreciation while we sipped on wine (a warm bottle for Maddie) and listened to the crackling sounds of the wood burning fireplace as the sun set behind the meadow. As for Maddie’s outfits for the trip, I kept her looking cabin-cute with some of her favorite pieces; her corduroy jacket from OililyMarc Jacobs top for lounging, zigzag printed leggings from Me In Mind, her floral open back top from EPK designed in France  and her Roxy Girl Bikini for her swim days. All are noted in the pictures below. Before we left home, our camp vibes were on fuego. Needing to fulfill this necessary desire to be with family and nature, when the Sierras called, we went, and we found what we were looking for, a perfect first family vacation. Enjoy the pics!  


Red A Frame Cabin from Far Meadow Cabins


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Pictured Above:  Maddie playing in the meadow with Eli in her Little Marc Jacobs top.


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Pictured Above:  Maddie in her floral open back EPK designed in France Top.


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Pictured Above: Sunbathing in the natural swimming holes around the area. Maddie is in her Roxy Girl Bikini.



Pictured Above: A fury monkey chicken named Eli. Yep, that's what he is and we love him dearly.

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Pictured Above: Maddie relaxing along side a river in Yosemite National Park with her Daddy in her pink corduroy jacket from Oilily and her zig-zag printed leggings from Me in Mind.


IMG_8144Pictured Above and Below: This super awesome Hiking pack that carried Maddie for miles and miles is the Poco Plus Osprey Pack. You can purchase by clicking on the link.

Pictured Below: Maddie passed out in the hiking back pack! Lol!


IMG_8112 IMG_5383 21

Pictured Above: Precious moments. Ryan is teaching Maddie how to build her first camp fire.


Pictured Above: What's for breakfast? Organic greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries topped with organic Granola. Get in my tummy!!



Pictured Above: Another priceless moment. Maddie and Daddy fishing sesh at Bass Lake. Eli is straight up chillin'.


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11Pictured Above: Mommy and Maddie victory shot! We made it to the Top of Vernal Falls! Too bad this shot doesn't show all the hard work that Daddy did carrying her to the top!! ;)




Above: Here we are! Mi familia! My happy traveling tribe! Nowhere near perfect, but very very happy. I LOVE them more than words can express.

8Thank you Far Meadow Cabins! You gave us some precious memories!



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