Separation Anxiety; I am not sure who gets it more, me or her…. – Haute Groms
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Separation Anxiety; I am not sure who gets it more, me or her….


Any mom can relate. Leaving your child is never easy. No matter how often you do it, no matter what the length of time is and no matter how strong of a support group you know that you have when you are gone. Its never a breeze to be separated from your other half. I am a working mom with a 14 month old daughter, so separation anxiety is at its peak for her and I am not sure if it will ever stop peaking for me. With 2 business trips planned back to back, I decided to take Maddie and the Nanny along with me to San Francisco and to do away with the separation anxiety for at least one of the trips, for the both of us.  It worked out very well! As I was packing for the two of us, I was feeling excited. Packing for myself is never easy but packing for the two of us, well now that is a straight up mission! Although it is a lot of work, it is fun packing for her!! Being a mother who is a lover of fashion, I always try to pick outfits for Maddie that are not just fashionable but outfits that reflect her personality. Since she isn’t old enough to make these decisions on her own, I try not to just dress her in what I want to see her in but something she might really pick for herself. After all, that is what fashion is about. Expressing yourself through the way that you dress. Since it has been such a warm fall in Southern California, I think that part of my excitement while packing stemmed from knowing that we were heading north and she would finally get to wear some of her cute Fall clothes that have been hanging in her closet for the past month waiting for that first chill of fall to come!! One of the outfits that I brought along on the trip for Maddie, I photographed on her early in the morning in a park near Fisherman’s Wharf before I left for work. I chose her red pea-coat that was a hand-me-down from her cousin from Baby Gap, black leggings and gold spotted mocs from Monket Feet USA. The Red pea-coat seemed to match Maddie's bold personality and with its bright color and button-down bow closure, it was the perfect piece for a little girl like her to express her fashion sense in a big city. Maddie always shines her brightest when by the coast and the color red was a perfect fit for Fall. The lighting that early in the morning was gorgeous and the separation anxiety between the two of us was completely banished! As the saying says, the early bird gets the worm! Enjoy the pics.     maddie under tree maddie sitting just maddie   maddie on benchmaddie and sailboatmaddie standing [pinit]

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